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Kuben produces and markets ventilation units that are so quiet and discreet that they can be installed in the room which is to be ventilated. Some units blow supply air directly from the bottom of the unit and draw exhaust air out from the top, while others are designed to be connected to a local duct system in the room.


Some of the units can blow in air from the unit and via a duct. Outdoor air and exhaust air is normally drawn directly through the outer wall. None of these units require a separate fan room. The units are well suited for classrooms, nursery schools, after-school clubs, assembly rooms, conference room, restaurants etc.

Kuben 2100MDX

Normal speed: 450 l/s

Forced flow: 550 l/s

Kuben 3000MDX

Normal speed: 740 l/s

Forced flow: 830 l/s

Kuben 550AW

Normal speed: 165 l/s

Forced flow: 200 l/s

Kuben 230AW

Normal speed: 50 l/s

Forced flow: 64 l/s

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