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Kuben Ventilation värnar om miljön och vår produktion bedrivs så miljövänligt som möjligt.

The lake "Lilla Aspan", adjacent to Kuben Ventilation.

Kuben Ventilation AB sees the company's mission as being the creation of good indoor climate and a good environment in homes, schools, offices, workshops and any where a good indoor climate is required, regardless of whether the need is large or small.


The company's strongest guiding light is the environment and the entire company is permeated by a strong sense of environmental responsibility. We heat our factory using renewable energy in form of wood pellets, we run our machines and tools on electricity from wind power and we sort all our refuse. Metal waste is recycled and our company has no environmentally hazardous emissions.

Even the coffee we drink at work is always fairtrade and eco-labelled.


The products which we produce are, thanks to the high heat recovery levels achieved, and using energy efficient fans, good aerodynamics and low pressure drops, more sustainable and have a smaller impact on the environment than ventilation units previously available on the market.


Our units achieve the same level of ventilation efficiency using less energy.

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