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Kuben ventilation units require no special maintenance other than regular filter replacements and cleaning.

Filters are normally replaced every 6 months. This interval can be extended to one year where the building, the indoor air and the outdoor air is very clean. The filter  can become blocked if not regularly replaced, resulting in lower air volume flows and a deterioration in indoor air quality.  


  1. Fill in the details to order filters from our stock

  2. There is an option to start a filter subscription for an automatic delivery 1 or 2 times per           year. 

  3. Send the order. The filters are being sent           immediately from our stock.


Regular filter replacement ensures unit reliability and a longer unit lifetime.

It is important that Kuben original filters are used to ensure that the unique Kuben unit pressure drop and noise perfomance is maintained

and that filtering levels are not compromised.



The filters are immediately sent from or warehouse to your delivery address and are labelled as requested by you.


The filters are delivered either by Schenker or Posten's business package service, whichever is the most appropriate. 

State in the comment field customer information if you would like the filters to be delivered in any other way.


A complete filter packet contains all the filters in the correct filter classes which the unit was originally supplied with.

Kuben Ventilation Originalfilter till ventilationsaggregat


Always check the unit type and year of manufacture on the unit's type plate.


Then check the filter list to find out which filter packet or separate filter is correct for your system.

Then enter the number in the shopping basket.

Kuben Ventilations originalfilter till ventilationsaggregat
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