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Kuben 230AW - a ventilation unit for all ventilation, heating, comfort cooling and domestic hot water. Built-in outdoor air and extract air / water heat pump and built-in hot water heater. A world-unique ventilation and heating unit at the absolute cutting edge of technology.


The demand for 'Green' buildings and healthy homes is steadily increasing.

Buildings today account for around 40 % of total energy consumption, and therefore represents a high level of potential for creating

a more sustainable society. 


The use of modern technology in all parts of the construction process is crucial if resource and energy efficient 

buildings are to be achieved.


Kuben Ventilation is at the forefront of using the latest technology in energy recovery. We are in fact world leaders in some areas.

Our extremely energy efficient units with built-in heat pump are an example of the application of technology which is very well suited to green buildings. 


Some of our units, in addition to saving energy, are also designed to provide an entire building with ventilation,

radiator and floor heating, air heating and hot water.


Learn more about our ventilation units for eco-construction here.


The latest trend in the building sector is passive buildings, which are buildings that require little or no energy.

This requires highly energy efficient ventilation units which achieve high levels of heat recovery.

Kuben's units, which are very intelligent and are continuously at the forefront of technological development, are very suitable for these buildings.

The units, in addition to using the latest technology and achieving high levels of heat recovery, are also easy to understand and to operate.


This, combined with high reliability, makes Kuben's ventilation units the obvious chioce for passive buildings.

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