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Uppdaterat: 7 mars 2019

We at Kuben Ventilation want to thank all of our customers and suppliers for a great year.

Just like last year we're giving our Christmas gifts to UNICEF. Since we're in the VVS business we know the value of clean water in places often hit by natural disaster. Therefor we're giving away a gift that will pay for 245 000 water cleaning tabs. With these tabs you can purify up to 1 225 000 liters of water.

This year there's an extra dimension to the Christmas gift via UNICEF. Financial guru and real estate billionaire Roger Akelius has promised to, together with UNICEF, donate just as much money as all of the Swedish people and companies that are donating to UNICEF under the month of December. That means that for every swedish krona being donated by someone or some company, Akelius will be donating the same amount which will double the gifts and money to UNICEF.

We're looking forward to another great year and great collaboration with our customers and suppliers.


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