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Uppdaterat: 7 mars 2019

For some time, it is possible to get all of the Kuben Ventilation units with the option "CLOUD SERVICE". This means that the units are equipped with a special modem that automatically connects to the cloud and with the help of a password you can then log on to the website's heading "Cloud Service" where you can then control and regulate each unit online and in real time. You can check and change the fan speeds, temperatures, operating times and so on.

Any alarms are clearly visible and a lot of these can be reset or acknowledged directly in the computer or from the mobile. One can also register an email address where the unit automatically sends an email when an alarm event occurs.

Now there are great opportunities to save money on the service side when you do not always have to be physically in place at the ventilation unit. Contact Kuben's administration to obtain login details here.

Log in to the cloud service here.


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