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Uppdaterat: 7 mars 2019

For the 14th year Bisnode Sweden together with Veckans Affärer nominates this year's Super Company. Bisnode has identified and ranked the companies based on the economical performance. The model takes in consideration the companies growth, profit, return, effiency, capital structure and finance during the last four years.

In order to reach the status of Super company, it is not enough to just be good in a branch, the company must master all the elements of the multi-campaign. Characteristic for the Super Companies is that they have long-term sales growth and sustainable profitability, are strategically competent with the financing and at the same time effective in the management of the resources.

It is only Kuben Ventilation and 727 other companies who have managed to live up to the very high demands made of having to name themselves a Super Company and thus end up on the 2018 list. This means that Kuben Ventilation performs better than 99.998% of Sweden's all companies.


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