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Uppdaterat: 20 aug. 2019

Ventilation & heating unit KUBEN 550AW is a complete indoor climate unit for houses, apartments, condominiums etc.

The 550AW unit is extremely energy efficient, very competent and versatile.

Kuben 550AW takes care of everything concerning the climate in the building:

Ventilation heat recovery

Air heating and air cooling system

Radiator heating

Underfloor heating

Hot water production

The Kuben 550 AW unit includes an integrated air to water heat pump (AW), a complete ventilation system with heat recovery and additional secondary duct system for air heating, domestic hot water tank and a system for radiator heating and underfloor heating. Together with an advanced electronic regulation system operated via internet it is a complete climate system in the cutting edge of technology.

See all of our combi units here.

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