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A price-worthy solution 

Kuben Ventilation AB produces and markets ventilation units which are designed to be fitted in the room which is to be ventilated. These units are called room units. The highest air flows are through grates in the unit's casing and the unit therefore only needs to be connected to outdoor and exhaust air ducts, usually directly through the outer wall or through the roof.


Properly insulated units

Every ventilation unit from Kuben is carefully insulated to make sure they are quiet. The insulation is cut in a machine with millimeter precision by an oscillating knife.


Sometimes it's about the looks

Another important prerequisite when installing units alongside room users is that the unit is good looking. Kuben units are powder coated in white in 'refrigerator quality' as standard. The unit, as an optional extra, can be painted in the colour of your choice and some units can be clad in a beautiful wood facade of birch or pine.


Leading technology

The Kuben unit contains supply and exhaust air fans, supply and exhaust air filters, a heat exchanger, post heater with electric or water coil and built-in control equipment with air flow regulation for supply air and exhaust air, time control for start and stop or the forcing of air flow and temperature regulation. Some units contain a heat pump and others can be ordered with DX or water cooling as an option.

Kanalanslutning Kuben Ventilation

Duct connections

Kuben Ventilation also produces ventilation units with duct connection at the top of the unit. These units are used where supply and exhaust air ducts are required to allow a number of rooms to be ventilated using a single unit or where the unit cannot be installed in the room which is to be ventilated. These units are also very quiet and do not need a separate fan room. They can be installed in a corridor, storeroom or similar.

Tysta ventilationaggregat för skola och förskola

Extremely quiet units

One of the conditions which must be met if a large ventilation unit is to be fitted immediately alongside a desk, in a conference room or alongside a school desk is that the unit is very quiet.

Kuben Ventilation has, using advanced acoustic measurement, developed market leading noise absorption and noise damping technology.

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