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Kuben produces units designed to be connected to ducts. These units are characterized by high flows, very compact dimensions and low noise levels.


Great emphasis has been placed on the measurements, so that the units can be transported through standard door openings, despite the high flow performance of some units.

Contact us if you want to know more about these units.

Kuben 35A

Normal speed: 30 l/s

Forced flow: 43 l/s

Kuben 70 Master

Normal speed: 35 l/s

Forced flow: 50 l/s

Kuben 80P

Normal speed: 85 l/s

Forced flow: 100 l/s

Kuben 600E

Normal speed: 120 l/s

Forced flow: 170 l/s

Kuben 1100TE

Normal speed: 265 l/s

Forced flow: 300 l/s

Kuben 1100K

Normal speed:  l/s

Forced flow: l/s

Kuben 800E

Normal speed: 200 l/s

Forced flow: 225 l/s

Kuben 700

Normal speed: 180 l/s

Forced flow: 210 l/s

Kuben 1500E

Normal speed: 415 l/s

Forced flow: 475 l/s

Kuben 2000TE

Normal speed: 500 l/s

Forced flow: 545 l/s

Kuben 4000

Normal speed: 920 l/s

Forced flow: 1150 l/s

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