Room ventilation units

Kuben Ventilation AB manufactures and markets ventilation units that are intended to be placed directly in the same room as it's ventilating, so called room ventilation units. The units, which have their largest air flow through grilles in the unit's casing, are connected mainly with outdoor air and exhaust ducts, usually directly through the outer wall or through the ceiling. Kuben Ventilation's room ventilation unit is ideally suited for ventilation in school rooms, meeting rooms, conference rooms, kindergartens / restaurants, restaurants, church premises and the like.


All of the ventilation units from Kuben Ventilation are carefully insulated with sound absorbing material. The outer casing has thick sound-insulating insulation and the airways of the unit are aerodynamically designed with low air velocities. The insulation is cut with millimeter precision by a machine unique to the industry with an oscillating blade.

The appearance

The ventilation units are painted with a white powder coat for a nice finish that blends into the environment and allows the units to be placed in the room they ventilate.


Our ventilation units contain supply and exhaust air fans, supply and exhaust air filters, heat exchangers, after-heating with electric or water battery and built-in control equipment with air flow control for supply air and exhaust air, time control, for starting and stopping or forcing the air flow and temperature control. Some units contain a heat pump and for many of the units DX or water cooling can be selected as an option.

Duct connection

Kuben Ventilation also manufactures ventilation units with duct connection at the top. These units are used when supply and exhaust air ducts are needed to ventilate several rooms with the same unit or when for some reason the unit cannot stand in the room to be ventilated. These units are also very quiet and do not need a special fan room, but can be placed in a corridor, or in a storage room or similar.

Silent ventilation units

One of the prerequisites required to be able to place a ventilation unit right next to a desk, conference room or a school bench is that the unit is very quiet. With the help of advanced sound measurement equipment, Kuben Ventilation has developed a technology for sound absorption and sound attenuation which is the market leader.